06/05/2021 04:10:00

250,000 AstraZeneca doses waiting to be used in Sicily

 Sicilian Governor Nello Musumeci said Tuesday that the southern region has around 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on hold in fridges waiting to be used.

He said people were reluctant to have this jab because of "an understandable but unjustified phobia".

The Italian authorities at the moment do not recommend giving the Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine to under-60s after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it could be linked to some rare cases of blood clots in young people, while stressing that the benefits of the jab outweighed the risks.

However, COVID-19 Emergency Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo said Monday that Italy may start giving the Astrazeneca coronavirus jab to under-60s again in order to keep the country's vaccination campaign moving at speed.
Musumeci also said his region would break with the national vaccination plan and start giving jabs to adults of all ages on its smaller islands, starting with Lampedusa and Linosa at the weekend.

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Fisiomedical: centro medico-sportivo all’avanguardia

Il centro medico-sportivo Fisiomedical è una moderna e ampia struttura che si avvale di un'equipe medico-riabilitativa specializzata e di apparecchiature altamente innovative. Offre innumerevoli servizi indirizzati al recupero del benessere...

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Mafia: Brusca's release a 'punch in the stomach'

 The release from jail of Mafia boss Giovanni Brusca, one of Italy's most notorious mobsters, has caused dismay among relatives of the victims of Cosa Nostra, politicians and the public at large. "It is a punch in the stomach that leaves...

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Bando INAIL 2020. Lo sportello è aperto!

Il bando INAIL 2020 per il 2021 consente alle aziende di ottenere un contributo a fondo perduto del 65% fino a 130.000 euro (oltre l’iva) per investimenti aziendali quali presse, centri di lavoro, robot, muletti, che contribuiscano a...

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Sicily Orange Area

 With the new order, March 15 to April 6 Italy will all be divided Red or orange areas, but still partially locked Easter weekend (April 3,4,5). The yellow areas – like Sicily – will go to the upper danger range from tomorrow, with...