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Tragic Workplace Accident Shakes Sicily Community

 A tragic workplace accident in Salemi, Sicily has claimed the life of a young worker, Giuseppe Carpinelli, aged 33 from Benevento, who fell from a 112-meter high wind turbine yesterday during maintenance operations. The accident, which took place in the Ranchibilotto district, is the latest in a series of fatal incidents that have struck Sicily in recent weeks.

Giuseppe Carpinelli was employed by IVPC Service Srl of Naples, a subcontractor responsible for the mechanical assembly of wind turbines for Erg Wind Energy. The incident occurred at turbine number 3 on the site, and early images showed the technician's body suspended at about 49 meters high. The body recovery operation was particularly challenging.

This tragic event follows closely on the heels of another serious accident in Casteldaccia, where five workers died and one was severely injured, raising urgent questions about workplace safety in Sicily. The spate of accidents has sparked outrage and calls for concrete action to improve safety and prevent further loss of life.

During a visit to Castelvetrano, Elly Schlein, secretary of the Democratic Party, commented on the tragedy, emphasizing the need for greater attention and intervention by all institutions: "We must keep our focus not only on the days when these tragedies occur. We need to maintain vigilance every day, as this is a true emergency that concerns the entire country."

Sicily has seen an alarming number of workplace accidents, with 65 fatalities in 2023 and a rising trend into 2024. Union leaders and politicians are joining voices to demand immediate measures to address this crisis. "We can no longer continue to see people dying at work or during internships," Schlein stated, highlighting the need for more labor inspectors and investments in training and prevention.

Safety on construction sites is critical. Immediate action is necessary to ensure safe working conditions," said Liria Canzoneri, general secretary of the Cgil, and Giuseppe Bucca, provincial secretary of the Fiom Cgil, following the latest workplace accident at the Erg Wind Energy wind park in Salemi.

"On behalf of the entire Cgil, we express our deepest condolences to the family of the young worker Giovanni Carpinelli. It is time - they continued - to say enough, to move from words to deeds. We await the judiciary to clarify the dynamics of the accident, but it is essential to tighten controls and carry out stringent surveillance actions at construction sites, especially within subcontracted companies, where exploitation, precarious and unsafe work conditions too often occur."

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