English News | 29/08/2021

Sicily region placed back under ‘yellow zone’ restrictions as Covid hospitalisations rise

 The Italian island region of Sicily will soon be placed under ‘yellow’ zone restrictions again, after the rate of coronavirus infections and hospitalisations soared in recent weeks. “I have just signed a new ordinance that brings Sicily into the yellow zone,” Health...

English News | 18/08/2021

Mick Jagger love for Sicily

 Mick Jagger, the frontman of British rock group The Rolling Stones, has reportedly bought a house in Sicily where he has been based since last October. The 78-year-old rockstar, who spent summer 2020 in a Tuscan villa, has travelled Sicily...
English News | 11/05/2021

Italian Fishermen And Libyan Coastguards Clash

 Italian fishing industry body Federpesca has condemned the actions of a Libyan Coastguard patrol that fired on Italian fishing vessels this week, with one Italian crewman injured. Italian naval vessels attended the scene to keep the Libyan...
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