English News | 26/06/2020

'Open-air museum' in Sicily with contemporary art

 The Foundation Orestiadi in Gibellina is launching the first open-air exhibit in Sicily since the outbreak of COVID-19. Masterworks on display will include the installation ''Montagna di Sale'' by Mimmo Paladino, a sculpture by Pietro Consagra, ''L'uomo con un carico di lune'', a marble...

English News | 06/03/2020

Sicily officials arrested in graft probe

 Several Sicilian regional government officials and businessmen were arrested Wednesday in a major graft probe. Palermo finance police executed 24 warrants including four in jail custody, 12 under house arrest and eight stay orders. The...
English News | 23/01/2020

Medical marijuana is now free of charge in Sicily

 Medical cannabis will now be available free of charge in the Sicily region, according to a decree signed today by Sicilian health chief Ruggero Razza. The cost of prescriptions, available to patients suffering from chronic pain, cerebral...
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