English News | 19/04/2024

Vote swap and corruption in Sicily, 11 precautionary measures: the Northern League deputy governor suspended


  judicial earthquake hits politics in Sicily. The Carabinieri of the provincial command of Catania are carrying out a precautionary measure order against 11 suspects including politicians, municipal officials and entrepreneurs. They are...

English News | 11/04/2024

Mount Etna puffs smoke rings into Sicilian sky

Smoke rings were observed coming out of Sicily's Mount Etna on Sunday, after a vent opened on the southeastern crater last week. Footage by Rosario Catania shows Europe's largest active volcano in action, with Catania telling Storyful that the...

English News | 25/03/2024

Two Brothers Arrested in Trapani for Shooting

The Trapani Police have arrested two brothers from Trapani on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, carrying a firearm in a public place, and aggravated threat. The arrests follow a shooting that took place on the night of March 9-10 in...

English News | 24/03/2024

Bridge to withstand more than Messina earthquake

 The planned suspension bridge across the Strait of Messina linking the island region of Sicily to mainland Italy in Calabria would withstand an earthquake greater than the one that flattened Messina and the surrounding area in 1908, Webuild...

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