English News | 12/08/2022

Second edition of 'villages of treasures' fest starts in Sicily: 3 weekends across 37 municipalities

 Three weekends (August 20-21, August 27-28, September 3-4) will celebrate the 'roads of treasures' across 37 villages, including 16 in the area around Palermo, in Sicily, and 400 sites and paths, in events that will involve 500 youths who will...

English News | 06/06/2022

 Sicilian sojourn

Sicily is, of course, Italy’s largest island. A sun-drenched Mediterranean land steeped in history, culture and unique local traditions. This is a place where Baroque architecture, art and culture intertwine with an abundance of outstanding...
English News | 25/05/2022

"We'll toast Messina Denaro's capture"

 Maria Falcone, sister of anti-Mafia magistrate Giovanni who was killed by a Cosa Nostra bomb 30 years ago Monday, said she would toast with Italian justice and interior ministers when fugitive superboss Matteo Messina...
English News | 22/05/2022

Sicily to give Parthenon fragment back to Greece

 The Sicilian regional government on Friday voted to permanently restore to Greece a fragment of the Parthenon that had been loaned to Athens in exchange for an ancient Greek statue of Athena which had come to a Palermo museum for four...
English News | 19/03/2022

Ancient sacred pool identified in Mozia

 For a century it was thought that an artificial lake in Motya, an ancient city on an island off the coast of Sicily, was a military harbour similar to one in the nearby Phoenician city of Carthage. But new analysis has revealed it was a...
English News | 18/02/2022

Man burned to death in fire at home in Sicily

 A 32-year-old Italian man was burned to death in a fire at his home at Noto in Sicily on Wednesday. Fire fighters were called by neighbours and found the man's charred body after putting out the blaze. The cause of the fire is not yet...
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