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Lift engineer, 31, crushed to death in horror accident as he tried to free trapped woman

 An heroic engineer was crushed to death in a horrifying accident as he tried to free a woman trapped inside a lift inside a block of flats.

Antonio Pistone got trapped between the elevator cabin and the floor after he was called out to the two-storey building to free a woman who had become trapped inside. As she started to begin the repair, the lift suddenly and unexpectedly starting moving, crushing the 31 year old underneath.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene in Aci Sant’Antonio, in Sicily, and freed Antonio, but he was pronounced dead at the scene once paramedics arrived. The emergency responders managed to finish Antonio’s work and free the trapped woman, who was unhurt. She was suffering from shock from being trapped for so long and after learning that Antonio had died trying to help her.

Representatives from the Italian General Confederation of Labour in nearby Catania said: “The exact dynamics of the event are not known, but one thing is certain. It’s unacceptable to lose a life due to a lack of safety conditions that should always be ensured.” Antonio was much loved in Catania, where he lived and was well known for the parties he organised. His friend Tracy wrote on social media: “Someone like you wasn’t supposed to leave this world. You were the life of the party, spreading joy wherever you went.

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