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Matteo Messina Denaro Halts Chemotherapy: Critical Health Update

 Matteo Messina Denaro, the notorious figurehead of Cosa Nostra, will no longer return to prison. Instead, he will remain in the confines of a hospital bed in L'Aquila, where the countdown to what might be his final moments has commenced. This grim revelation aligns with what was known at the time of his arrest, when his health conditions were first disclosed.

The overall health of boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has been hospitalized for over a month in the detainee ward of L'Aquila's San Salvatore Hospital, has taken a severe turn. To alleviate his suffering, he is now undergoing palliative care, including parenteral nutrition administered intravenously. Consequently, the oncological treatments, such as chemotherapy, are suspended, as the 61-year-old, battling advanced-stage colon cancer, can no longer endure them.

Head of the oncology department, Luciano Mutti, announced this shift, a direct consequence of the stark deterioration in the boss's health. Despite maintaining consciousness, his physique is profoundly weakened by the incurable ailment.

"Since yesterday, I have transferred the care of patient Matteo Messina Denaro to my colleagues specializing in pain management and control therapies. Currently, there are no indications to continue active treatments," explained Professor Mutti to Ansa, declining to elaborate further. This decision outlines a strategy to shield the boss from agony, in hopes of a challenging yet significant improvement in his clinical condition to potentially resume oncological care.

Lorenza Gruttadauro, the niece and legal representative, and Lorenza, the recently acknowledged daughter born of his relationship with Franca Alagna, remain by Messina Denaro's side. Both women have relocated to L'Aquila. Only the niece visits Messina Denaro, as the boss refuses to be seen in his extremely precarious state by the daughter, whom he first met in April at the regional capital's penitentiary institute.

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